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Boys posing for a photo, Jamaica.
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  • I had the most amazing birthday! It was filled with such love and kindness. 
  • My family is beyond beautiful. 
  • My soul pal returned from Europe 
  • Soul feels with some groovy ladies
  • Steffoid gave me the best birthday present EVER.
  • No more possessions! Yay! 100% organic Demon free! 
  • I’ve been hiking most days this week 
  • I woke up to my dogs tongue in my nose this morning 
  • I had a very interesting chat to a woman at work who has very ill children and is helping them at a natural level in regards to medicine. 
  • Ishka is so hilarious I just want to smoodge her little face up. 
  • The Universe is being sassy once again. 
  • Thank you, Universe. Where would I be without your constant sass?
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Miracle man James Harrison has saved over 2 million babies by donating his blood which contains a rare antibody
Harrison discovered he had an extremely rare antibody in his blood, a makeup of plasma so unique that it holds the cure to rhesus disease, a severe form of anaemia that causes either death or brain damage for newborns.
Researchers were amazed by his blood and its ability to save lives, so they insured his life for a million dollars. His blood has been used to create life-saving injections to combat rhesus.  It was  even used to help save his own daughter’s child. He’s now 77 and he’s been donating blood every couple weeks for the past 59 years totaling over 1000 blood donations. All of his donations have saved an estimated 2.4 MILLION babies that would’ve suffered from the rhesus condition.
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Yea I’m smiling here but rly I’m unimpressed at how hot it was today, also those lil white flowers are qt but they smell like onions 🌸🌸

I’m so beyond fortunate enough to be surrounded by such like minded people. I’m so ecstatic that I’ve been able to rid my surrounds of all the negatives that used to surround me. 

I just really want to give the universe a big ol’ hug. 



My soul vibes with this
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untitled by Luminous☆West on Flickr.
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A Fin whale carcass the bears have been feeding on for the past year lies beneath the surface of the water, Svalbard, Norway.

I’ve been looking for this for such a long time
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Saved another cutie from the wet pavement yesterday. I just love bees. Look at those little legs.
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